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Because of this, you can trust Gawito to get you the best Mobile Notary Services. We have a network of accredited agents across the country that are available to notarize your critical documents whenever and wherever you need them.

You’ll eventually require a document to be authenticated. It can be a will, a power of attorney, a medical record, a commercial contract, real estate papers, or a bill of sale. You need to locate a notary public to have these documents notarized, which used to require taking time out of your busy day. Visits to these locations are frustrating because there is no assurance that a signing agent will be on hand.

By providing a mobile service that visits you at your convenience, Gawito Notary Services is attempting to change that. Request a for mobile notary service today.

Which Document Types Require a Mobile Notary?

A car loan officer holding a document while standing close to a female loanee
Auto Loans and Sales

The good news is that car notary services can speed up the lending process and lower the danger of fraud, allowing you to spend more time serving new clients and less time worrying about credit checks.

Hands on office table while discussing real estate negotiations
Real Estate Transactions

Home buying and selling are difficult tasks. Even the simplest closings need dozens of documents, the majority of which need a notary’s stamp. A real estate notary public can assist with identity verification and can help ensure that your client signed where necessary.

Mortgage officers sitting close to a shinning table
Mortgage Documents

The good news is that finding a mortgage notary service is now simpler than ever. Our licensed agents may sign for first and second mortgages, signature witnessing, loan closings, and other real estate closings that call for escrow agreements using Gawito Mobile Notary Services.

Someone reading through a legal document with the tendency to stamp them

Subpoena service is an essential component of many legal processes, particularly the criminal ones. A reliable subpoena service is available from Gawito Mobile Notary Services.

Stethoscope on top of spread out dollar notes.
Structured Settlements

Many affidavits and other forms must be submitted, regardless of whether you’re offering a structured settlement for an accident or purchasing the rights to an annuity that resolved a disability claim. This assurance is given by a notary signing, which also expedites the settlement of personal injury claims.

Power of attorney document
Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone the right to act on behalf of someone else who isn’t there physically. Do not omit this crucial step; banks and courts only accept power of attorney paperwork that have been notarized.

A doctor going through a medical file with stethoscope hanging on his neck.
Medical Documents and Healthcare Proxies

A healthcare proxy, like a power of attorney, enables someone to act on behalf of a patient who is incapable of making decisions for themselves. To be valid, a proxy must be notarized.

Two men on suites shaking hands while the other is holding document on the left hand.
Business Agreements

Although a notary is not always necessary for business transactions, having one present is generally advised. Should an issue arise that requires the company to go to court, it is advantageous to have an impartial third party witness the transaction and confirm the signatures.

A happy couple. The man holding a document. Both of them with smiling faces.
Will, Trusts, and Deeds

These are legal documents that verify what to do after death, including funeral preferences and dividing assets. A notary public needs to validate these documents for them to be deemed authentic.

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Everyone knows that completing paperwork is not something they enjoy doing. When you or your business needs a document notarized immediately but no one is accessible to assist, it is very distressing.

Gawito Mobile Notary Services can be useful in this situation. Certified agents are available to assist you whenever and wherever you need them, whether you need a notary today or next week. We are focused on making your business successful since we think that our success depends on yours.